ExtrusionPower - The integrated CAD/CAM/Simulation software suite for aluminium extrusion die industry

Dedication to the extrusion industry

ExtrusionPower is an easy-to-use 3D software suite for the design, manufacturing and simulation of aluminium extrusion dies. Featuring a new approach the the creation of complete die sets, ExtrusionPower is the leading solution for engineers, who are in search of an innovative application.

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Factory Automation

With the help of precisely defined automation tools ExtrusionPower enables die makers, extruder's and engineers to work with the state of the art software technologies to manufacture complete and accurate 3D extrusion dies, removing the need for expensive die trials.

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Integrated Software Suite

With ExtrusionPower all production technologies CAD, CAM and Simulation are integrated in one platform.  Modular structure of different disciplines allow to use any technology needed, CAD, CAM or simulation. All the data is managed in one database.

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Data Management


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